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For seekers and new believers to grow in their faith:



Deep Intellectual Topics

Hard Questions - Good Answers Ravi Zacharias


Good Messages Every Day

Pastor Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible radio program and podcasts

Pastor Erwin Lutzer, Running to Win radio program and podcasts

Pastor John MacArthur, Grace to You radio program and podcasts


Daily Wisdom Messages

Learn the story behind the news reports from very wise people with a Christian perspective . Subsc.ribe to Break Point by scrolling down to "Receive the Daily Commentary"


Life-Changing Webinar

The Institute in Basic Life Principles seminar caused dramatic improvements in the lives of more people that I know than any other seminar I know of.


News from a Christian perspective

Daily World News and Health News: Christian Broadcasting Network

TV News and Talk, Daily

700 Club


University Degree (Online Free)

Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D: www.Embassy.University


Christian Books, Bibles, Videos and Music Online




Bible App for your cell phone: Click here


The Bible in many languages and study helps: Click here


Click here for your choice in Bible reading plans to read the Bible in one year or a faster or slower pace. Here is a checklist to read the Bible in one year.


Listen to the whole Bible (English Standard Version): Click here


Listen to parts of the Bible 10 minutes at a time: Click here



Christian radio online: Click here



Best YouTube skit: Click here  37,000,000 views. The more you watch it, the more you learn.


Jesus Movie: English click here

Jesus Movie: Tagalog click here

Jesus Movie: Cebuano click here

Jesus Movie: Espaņol click here :

Jesus Movie: Deutsch Click here


Jesus Movie: The Passion of the Christ


23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese: English video

23 Minuto sa Impiyerno ni Bill Wiese: Tagolog

23 Minutos En Infierno por Bill Wiese: Espaņol video


History of the Christian Reformation - Martin Luther

Emmy Award winning video by Erwin Lutzer


Francis Schaeffer’s classic, How then Shall We Live - Episode 1


Inspiring Christian Videos at GodTube.com

Jonathon Edwards classic sermon in 1741  Click here

Unlocking the Bible sermon on The Fear of God

Tagalog and English sermons are posted on some of the websites of these churches.



Institute for Creation Research, Answers to tough creation questions


Answers in Genesis, Answers to tough creation questions

Answers in Genesis, YouTube Channel videos


"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" video reveals censorship of intelligent design. At the 1:27:20 point renown evolutionist Richard Dawkins states our God is evil and he admits he does not know how life started on Earth and life could have come from an intelligent civilization in the universe that "evolved by probably Darwinian means" and they "designed a form of life that they seeded onto perhaps this planet." That is atheism, not science!


 Superbook Philippines  USA

Children's resources: Click here


FREE electronic Christian books and audio books available from New Life Mission. Choose your language:

Espaņol Libros

English Books



Find a good Bible-teaching church: Click here and meet true friends.


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